Door Modification - We can often modify new doors to accommodate your existing rough opening.

Door Prep to Fit in Your Existing Jambs - We can hinge locate your new door so that it will fit into your existing jambs. In order to do this, you will need to bring in your old door so we can make accurate measurements. Please make an appointment with us before bringing in your old door. Appointments are typically available on Sundays only

Door Hanging - We can hang your new door in a jamb sized to fit your wall depth. An interior pre-hung unit comes with an interior primed or clear jamb, bore hole(s) for doorknobs/locksets if needed, and hinges. An exterior pre-hung unit comes with exterior primed or clear jambs, bore hole(s) for doorknobs/locksets if needed, hinges, sill, and Q-lon weather seal.

To measure the wall depth (jamb size) of an exterior door, measure the wall from the exterior sheathing to the interior wall covering. To measure the wall depth (jamb size) of an interior door, measure the wall, including the interior wall covering on both sides.

Refer to the diagrams below to measure your rough opening.




To measure your current rough opening, measure the width between the studs at the top, bottom and middle of the doorway. Use the smallest measurement.  To measure the height, measure the distance from floor to the top of the opening on either side of the door, and again, use the smallest number. The rough opening needs to be 2 inches wider and 2.5 inches higher than the door slab in order to install a pre-hung door correctly.